Clay bar is an essential automotive detailing product made from natural and/or synthetic ingredients and is being used for a smoother exterior finish. It is. It removes several types of contaminants such as rail and brake dusts, industrial fallout and acid rain, thus, achieving a uniform gloss once the car wax, sealant or paint coating has been applied. Price ranges from $14.99 to $29.99, depending on the grade and brand.

clay bar grades

Different Clay Bars

Different Clay Bar Grades

Clay bar comes in different grades – fine, medium and heavy grade, and each has its own efficacy.

Fine – This type of clay bar is ideal for vehicles that are being detailed habitually or not being used regularly as dirt contamination and other unpleasant mars.  It is also the easiest to use because it is greatly pliable, thus, it glides better compared to other types of clay bar.

Medium – For vehicles that have mars that have been stuck on the surface longer or if there are any over spraying, medium clay bar is ideal as it is more aggressive.

Heavy – Such type of clay bar, though guaranteed efficient in getting rid of hardly etched contaminants, is least pliable compared to the other grades. Because of that, it requires a lot of lubricant to make it work.

Our View – What Clay Bar Grade to Use

If you will ask M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail’s skilled San Francisco Bay Area car detailers, we prefer to use a fine grade clay bar as it glides smoothly and it does not leave any markings after. Usually, medium and heavy grade clay bars leave swirl marks that may affect the quality of exterior finish, so additional compound and buffing must be done. If the contaminants are not deeply etched or huge, using a fine clay bar will work perfectly.