CEO Allante Grays started M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail after years of apprenticeship, still on-going via phone calls and meetings, with his uncle Pete, having started nine years ago at age 15. However, it’s more than just learning the trade that lead him to start the company. In running this business, Allante combines his love for vehicles and business with a few unique character traits–a passion for making lasting connections, and a fondness for instant ‘before vs. after’ effects. You can see how it all clicks simply by looking at the results.

And results are why clients choose our mobile car detailing company. They love their vehicles and they want them to stand out. After being informed, in simple terms, about the way to achieve the result they want to and make it last, our clients are treated with a 110% non-rushed experience that leaves them even happier with the car they own.

This is why so many diverse people use our services–from soccer moms to whole boat docks to high-profile clients who we only hear from and meet their assistants instead. Our clients love to watch us grow, and we strive to keep our solutions and attitude up to the latest trends in the detailing industry. We expect our clients to be proud of their vehicles, and we expect to be proud of the work we’ve done for our clients.

Connections, with clients and otherwise, are at the very heart of our company. We are a diverse crowd that works their utmost best to ensure a quality experience from the first message to an appointment to a satisfied client. Our connections extend beyond the scope of the company personnel. Close ties with other businesses allow us to refer clients to other professionals in cases where they need something that’s beyond our scope. Ties to local charities allow us to give back to the community in many ways.

Business is not just a way to make a living for Allante. He tries his best to align M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail to be a direct reflection of himself and his whole lifestyle. Learning how to run a business is a continuous process, and this everyday challenge keeps the company growing rapidly. In recognition of his talents as a detailer, Allante has received advanced Detailer award from Renny Doyle, and he continues his education in business by delving into books that show others’ experience in running a company.

In his free time, Allante is usually seen walking his dobermans, Mason and Negrita, or perhaps at home playing Final Fantasy or Call of Duty. He also makes house music in his garage (Deadmau5 is his favorite artist). He’s engaged to Mayra Jauregui, who is also a part of M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail.