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M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, a reputable San Francisco Bay Area auto detailing company, offers unrivaled and comprehensive auto detailing in San Francisco Bay Area. We ensure that full spectrum of detailing will be executed to meet the needs of your car’s exterior and interior parts. Restore and preserve your car’s beauty by hiring our skilled and knowledgeable car detailers. We are also trained to handle luxury cars.

To ensure that M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail efficiently provide you the result you are looking forward to, we carefully choose the best products and equipment that are proven to deliver the show-quality level of detail.

Your vehicle will be detailed by at least two skilled and professional detailers from San Francisco Bay Area that have gone through rigid training and experience so as to guarantee the result you are looking forward to receive. To give you an idea about how carefully we do it, here are the steps that we follow

M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail Plans and Packages

M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, your trusted San Francisco Bay Area auto detailing company, offers a full spectrum of services that are guaranteed efficient so as to help you acquire your vehicle’s beauty back. We have been providing reliable services for years, therefore, you are guaranteed that our team of detailers has ample experience and knowledge in delivering all your auto detailing needs.

We offer plans and packages to old and potential clients wishing to save some cash without sacrificing the quality of the job. We value your satisfaction above everything else, thus, these plans and packages are surely good options.

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Systematic San Francisco Bay Area Auto Detailing Methods:

M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, a trustworthy San Francisco Bay Area auto detailing company, begins the procedure by eliminating tar deposits around the exterior of your vehicle. A tar deposit is composed of several hydrocarbons that usually accumulate at the bottom area of a vehicle. It is very hard to wash off, so an extensive method should be employed. What we do is we use a tar spray and let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes. This will help to loosen the deposits so that it can be wiped off easily using a microfiber towel.

We use a pressure washer to thoroughly get rid of all the dirt, tar, bug and grime that are deeply etched on your paint. A pressure washer is a cleaning equipment that excellently cleans hard surfaces of the vehicle. However, you must always keep in your mind that during auto detailing, the pressure should be at a lower level, ideally .5 gallons of water per minute, so as to not inflict any damage heavy pressure does.

After the initial pressure washing, bug deposits that were not eliminated through the process will be worked on. Similar to how we get rid of tar deposits, we use a special bug spray that helps in loosening up the deposits. Let it sit for less than 5 minutes and wipe it using a microfiber towel.

Although a pressure washer is a very sturdy and effective machine, we should not disregard the fact that there are areas that are too hard to reach if it will be used alone. So in order to clean the missed areas, the exterior will undergo handwashing. 2 lambskin mitts will be used. The first mitt will be for areas where dirt critically accumulates such as the lower and side part of your vehicle’s body. The second one will be used on the clean areas such as the top and front part of the vehicle’s body. While the first car detailer cleans the body, the second person cleans the rims, especially the hard-to-reach areas. M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, your steadfast San Francisco Bay Area auto detailing company, uses EZ detail brush as this can squeeze in the insides of the rim, as well as the lug nuts, bearing and many more. It is also resistant to chemicals; therefore, its performance will never be hindered.

The vehicle will undergo another pressure washing to wash and rinse off the remaining accumulation and soap. Subsequently, it should be thoroughly dried using air blowers and chamois. These will ensure that there will be no waterspots after.

The door jambs are among the dirtiest areas of your vehicle. To eliminate dust and other forms of accumulations, we use a microfiber towel to wipe off everything. Some prefer using a pressure washer but the latest vehicles have delicate wirings and electronics on it and getting these wet could cause problems.

For tire dressing, we initially place a mat below so as to ensure that there will be no dripping product on your driveway, garage or park, wherever you prefer to have your vehicle detailed. The tire dressing product will be applied thinly as too much product can flick up on the bottom of your vehicle, causing unwanted tiny dots that will surely destroy the output of the auto detailing procedure. After the application, any product residue will be wiped off.

Using Meguire’s clay bar, our skilled car detailers will take off embedded contaminations that all the previous methods have missed. There are remains that are really too hard to get rid of, no matter how much you scrub it using your hands or a machine. A clay bar will do wonders on your vehicle’s surface as all those remains will stick on it. But before doing so, make sure that you apply a lubricant so that the clay bar will easily glide on the surface. We prefer Meguire’s clay bar as it is made highly durable, and can withstand repetitive flattening, smashing, stretching and rolling. Make sure you do not miss all the panels such as the hood, door, trunk and so on as these are where the bonded contaminants stay.

To eliminate oxidations, swirls and spider webs, a machine is used for buffing and polishing. When buffing, a small layer of the paint will be taken off so as to acquire the original luster. Please take note that nicks and scratches should never be ignored as these could be havens for rust and any unwanted accumulations and could affect your car’s beauty and value. Buffing should be done whenever your car is being detailed by your trusted San Francisco Bay Area auto detailing company. For spider webs, sanding is also an effective method.

Now that your vehicle’s exterior is clean enough, it’s time to make your vehicle glossy! M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail prefers using a paint sealant instead of a coating or a wax. A paint sealant is usually more affordable and can achieve the show-quality level of detail we are aiming for. It also serves as an added protection as it prevents contaminants from embedding on the paint surface. It is like a liquid paste that is applied using a wax applicator pad. Let it sit for few minutes then wipe it off using a microfiber towel.

M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, your trusted San Francisco Bay Area auto detailing company, offers interior services. Interior auto detailing is also a time-consuming task; however, it should not be missed as its benefits add value to your vehicle, therefore making the effort and money sensible.

Your interior is also susceptible to dirt and grime accumulations that should be removed to keep you and your family safe from probable diseases that these could bring. Additionally, proper interior detailing can also make the insides of your vehicle pleasant to ride as surfaces stay soft and supple.

So to give you an idea about how we do our interior auto detailing procedure, here are our methods:

First, we do a wipe down process. Using vinyl and plastic-friendly cleaners, we apply them to parts that need immediate cleaning such as the dashboard, air vents, steering wheel, center console, cuff holders, GPS screens and so on. We also use microfiber towels to wipe the remnants of the products and the accumulations that are stuck. Several types of detailing brushes are also used to ensure that those hard-to-reach areas are cleaned thoroughly. Compartments are also emptied out as these are where dust accumulates most.

We will also vacuum your vehicle’s surface. Seats will be moved to guarantee that no single inch will be missed. Carpets will be shampooed using an effective product that removes stains very well. Please take note that some stains can no longer be taken out but we guarantee you that we will try our very best to get rid of all these unpleasant damages. These will be air-dried for several hours, but if you are rushing, we can use an air blower to make the process faster.

For seats, the approach will depend on its type. If you have leather seats, all areas, including the threading, will be cleaned accordingly. An additional service may be done, if requested, wherein these will be treated using Leatherique. The product will be applied thinly, and let it rest for an hour or so for better outcome, and will be wiped using a cleaner to get rid of the residue. For fabric seats, it will be vacuumed and shampooed using an electric machine so as to agitate the shampoo onto the fabric. If needed, heated carpet extractor, together with Gtechnic Smart Fabric will be used for efficient stain removal.

For vinyl dashboards and door panels, we use a product that adds luster and protection against UV rays. These will all achieve a matte finish as we do not like it to become greasy-looking.

Windows and sun roof (if present) should also be cleaned, both inside and out. We use two microfiber towels, one is wet and the other one is dry, in cleaning them. We generally do not use chemicals, particularly ammonia-base cleaners, as these will damage the glass tints.

Please take note that engines should also be detailed from time to time, but this is not really part of the detailing procedures, so you have to inform us if you want these cleaned.

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