The Importance of Engine Detailing

San Francisco Bay Area Car DetailingM&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, your trusted San Francisco Bay Area car detailing company, includes engines in the detailing procedures.

Some are having second thoughts about cleaning the engine as they are worried about possible electrical problems that may arise due to improper engine detailing procedures. But as your trusted San Francisco Bay Area car detailing company, we are ensuring you that we efficiently execute methods in order to keep your engine working perfectly.

Your car’s engine is composed of several mechanical and electrical parts. The maintenance procedure does not only include constant visit to a car mechanic for fluid and filter replacement. You also need to make sure that each part is cleaned appropriately by your trusted San Francisco Bay Area car detailing company so as to ensure that your vehicle is road worthy to be driven. Keep in mind that dirt and grime accumulations can hinder the performance of your vehicle. Such problem can result to road accidents that could have been controlled if you have just attended to the engine’s needs.

How Your Trusted San Francisco Bay Area Car Detailing Company Does the Work

San Francisco Bay Area Car DetailingBefore we begin, we always make sure that the engine is not too hot. Most car detailers prefer engine detailing in the morning whereas your vehicle was not used all night. But M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail does it whenever is most convenient to our clients, thus, we just make sure that the engine cools off before we start the intricate detailing procedure. Engine parts are inspected for any accumulation and see what areas are deeply covered with fluid spills, dirt and so on. Once the engine has been turned off, important engine parts such as alternator, air filter, electrical wirings, and gauges will be covered as these are not water friendly. After that, our skilled car detailer will apply a degreaser that will help loosen the build-ups. A degreaser does wonders in eliminating contaminations but to ensure that nothing will be left behind, we make use of heated water pressure. This will be set on its lowest pressure as the main purpose is to graciously rinse all the accumulations. We also eliminate spill plates at the bottom of Audi, BMW and Matias. We roll the car on a ramp for easier access and vigorously clean these areas, including undercarriage if requested.

If you want your vehicle to acquire the appropriate detailing results, contact M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail. We value our clients’ satisfaction, therefore, you will be guaranteed that your vehicle will receive all the best methods using high quality detailing products. Call us at (510) 705-2911 for more information.