fiberglass roof

Maintaining a fiberglass and metal roof is similar. You have to make sure that you clean the surface thoroughly so that you can take off any unwanted scratches, oxidation, swirl marks and many more. In order for you to get rid of these unwanted markings, you can either pressure wash or buff it. The exterior should also go through hand washing to clean those hard to reach areas.

To prolong the show-quality level of detail on your fiberglass roof, instead of using wax, we prefer using sealant. Sealants last for over 6 months and that’s what we want to achieve since your boat and/or RV are not being used on a daily basis. It sits for long period of time, thus, it is still susceptible to damages that affect the shine and beauty of your fiberglass roof.

M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, a reputable San Francisco Bay Area car detailing company ensures that we are skilled and professionals in doing our tasks. We use high quality products that are guaranteed and proven efficient. Speak with us today so that we can help you acquire the finish your fiberglass roof used to have. Our experts are available to thoroughly explain to you what we plan to do.

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