M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, a trusted San Francisco Bay Area fleet detailing company, offers a wide spectrum of services to ensure that vehicles are well-managed. Fleet owners usually execute management plans to ensure that their customers receive the comfort by providing road worthy and clean vehicles to keep them coming back for their services. Our company is very much willing to make goals achievable through our prime fleet detailing methods that are competitively priced to deliver you the results you are looking forward to.

Fleet Detailing Procedure

The fleet detailing procedure will depend on what the owner prefers to receive. Most fleet owners only ask for washing the exteriors while some would like to go through the intricate details that include not just washing but also vacuuming and shampooing the interior. So basically, whatever the fleet owner likes, M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail will deliver you the optimum services  using high quality products proven to deliver the show quality level of detail, therefore, meeting clients’ expectations and keeping them satisfied.

Rest assured that cheap products are not being used just to save some money. Some think that cheaper products, such as detergents and brushes, are being used during car detailing as discounts are given immensely. With M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, we do not like to sacrifice the end result that we consistently deliver.  Therefore, we give you the savings while using high quality products at the same time.

The vehicles that are being detailed are being recorded so as to guarantee you that you will never be overcharged. Our comprehensive receipt is composed of the numbers (if present) of the vehicles that received our services. Rest assured that you will not be charged of something we did not work on. You can thoroughly check the vehicles we have cleaned if that will make you more comfortable as we are always transparent in all aspects.

The number of people and the amount of time that will be needed on the fleet detailing will depend on the number of vehicles. So let’s say the fleet has over 10 vehicles, there will be two to three detailers who will work hand-in-hand to efficiently execute all the fleet detailing procedures. Fleet detailing methods usually last from one to six hours, at most, for exterior and interior detailing. Rest assured that we will not leave any dirty spot as everything will be meticulously done.

Adhering to the Government’s Power Waste Disposal

Each state has different laws about proper disposal of waste water. San Francisco Bay Area’s government strictly implements the proper water disposal to ensure that all aquatic life is safe from deadly chemicals that cause water pollution. M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail values the government’s drive towards achieving a green environment, thus, you are guaranteed that all the chemicals and polluted water will be eliminated suitably. We will initially cover the storm drainage so that the water will not go through it. Eco-friendly products may also be used to prevent such harm.

M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail – Your Trusted San Francisco Bay Area Car Detailing Company

Rest assured that all your fleet detailing concerns will be attended and delivered the best possible manner. Speak with us by visiting our Contact Us Page and let us help you come up with a good detailing package that will be most beneficial for your business. Ala carte services are also available at reasonable costs.