Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal Roof Maintenance


Airstream Interstate 3500

There are some recreational vehicles, especially the old ones, which are made of metal roofs (usually aluminum). Proper maintenance procedure should be done to avoid or treat corrosion and other contaminations that affect not just its appearance but also its performance.

Bear in mind that when you have an old metal roof, thorough and abrasive methods should be done to really improve its look and sturdiness and prevent further damages. So if you have this type of roof, make sure that you visit a reputable RV detailer so as to keep its luster and durability against harmful substances.

Sealing and caulking are two important methods that your chosen San Francisco Bay Area RV detailer can use interchangeably.  In order to acquire the show-quality level of detail, the previous seal or caulk that are already curled, flaky and loose should be scraped off. No need to get rid of those that still look good – they will still work well on your metal roof.

Reapply sealant or caulk to prevent any leakage and improve its capability in surpassing heat and cold.

For home maintenance tips, make sure that you clean your metal roof habitually using an effective detergent. You should also thoroughly rinse it with clean water to prevent probable markings on top or on the sides of your RV. But please do not forget to place plywood or wide board on top while cleaning to prevent accidents caused by folded roofs.

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