RV Detailing

Recreational vehicles require upkeep and attention as these are also susceptible to damage both on the interior and exterior. These also are made of various materials that need to be washed and cleaned meticulously. With that, hiring a reputable San Francisco Bay Area RV detailing company that executes proper and efficient detailing methods should be done so as to regain the beauty and make it safe from any damages inflicted by dirt, grime and other substances. If you want your RV looking new once again, check out M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, a renowned San Francisco Bay Area car detailing company that provides full spectrum of services.

Recreational vehicles are not being used on a regular basis; therefore, it may not be too susceptible to dirt and any other types of accumulation. In spite of not being used often, the gloss of the exterior and the cleanliness of the interior should always be maintained. M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, a renowned San Francisco Bay Area RV detailing company, delivers quality services that are incomparable and guaranteed the best in acquiring the show quality level of detail you would like to acquire.

How M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail Does it?

The methods used during RV detailing depend on the type of exterior your vehicle has. RVs are usually made of gel coat, fiber glass and aluminum, and each type needs different detailing methods to accentuate its appearance.

For aluminum exterior, a quality detergent should be used to take off swirl marks, spider webs, oxidation and other accumulations that worsen the appearance of your vehicle. Jeweler’s Rouge is also applied to eliminate the minor scratches that may be seen on the surface. After thorough washing and cleaning, the aluminum will be polished to acquire the A+ shine. When properly detailed, you may be able to acquire the fresh look your aluminum vehicle originally had.

For gel coat and fiber glass exteriors, the detailing methods are similar to how we handle cars, except for the wax application as we want to apply something that is more durable and may last for several months, given that your RVs are not being used often. For RVs that have a roof made of fiber or rubber, a sealant is usually applied. This serves as protection against the UV rays and also helps in decreasing markings coming from the morning dew that drips to the sides of the vehicle, causing pigmentations hard to get rid of.

If you are unsure of the finish of your vehicle, kindly check the manual for clarification. It will provide you a better understanding as to what type of exterior your vehicle has so that we can appropriately help you come up with the right plans and packages for your vehicle.

For interior detailing, we usually vacuum all areas, making sure that dusts and any other dirt are taken care of. If needed, carpets and other similar cloth-like materials within your RV will be shampooed and air-dried so as to get rid of the stains and other foul odors. For leather and vinyl parts, our skilled detailers use products that are best in protecting these areas so as to acquire the gloss once again, and of course protect them from acquirable damages. Please take note that we are available to clean all areas of your interior except the toilet area.

For more information about our RV detailing services, please check our reasonably and competitively priced plans and packages. We also have ala carte services offered at different prices. Our skilled detailers always welcome assistance to those who are not sure of what type of detailing services will work for their vehicles so please check our Contact Us Page for further assistance.


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