Understanding San Francisco Bay Area Car Detailing Services

car detailing in San Francisco Bay AreaMany do not really understand what car detailing is. Some think that when you clean, wax and polish your vehicle, that may already be considered as car detailing. No, it is not; car detailing is more than that. Let M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail, a reputable San Francisco Bay Area car detailing company, thoroughly explain to you what car detailing is so that you may be able to assess whether your chosen detailer efficiently execute all the methods for you to reacquire the elegance and beauty your vehicle used to have.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing, also referred to as auto detailing and valeting (in the UK), is a systematic cleaning, waxing and polishing procedure executed on the interior and exterior of a vehicle to come up with a show-quality level of detail.

Systematic, meaning, a step-by-step procedure must be executed to get rid of paint damages and dirt accumulations that your vehicle has acquired due to extensive usage. To get rid of these, it has to go through car detailing, done only by a skilled person or company, so as to really acquire the show-quality level of detail.

San Francisco Bay Area Exterior Car Detailing Procedure

Your vehicle’s exterior must be washed and cleaned carefully using soap or foam. It has to be soaked for several minutes to soften up any grime and dirt accumulations. After that, we use a lamb wool wash mitts (or hog hair brushes for hard-to-reach areas) for build ups on window seals, emblems, trim details and more. As a part of the pre-cleaning procedure, your vehicle will be thoroughly rinsed to check for any existing damages. These will all be documented so as to serve as a proof that these are not acquired because of the detailing procedure.

After the documentation of existing damages, your vehicle will be prepared for the meticulous car detailing procedures. Wheels and wheel arches will be washed and brushed because these are the areas where grime and dirt accumulate most. Brake calipers, lug nuts and suspension components are just among the areas that should be checked and cleaned.

Once the bottom part of the vehicle has been cleaned, the paintwork will be done next. It has to be foamed and rinsed once again to ensure that all dirt and grimes have been eliminated assiduously. A clay bar will be used afterwards. Grime, dirt or any particle that cannot be washed will stick in to it. This method will prevent the “small rocky” feeling or “bubble-like” appearance once all methods of car detailing have been carried out.

After completing all the necessary cleaning procedures, the vehicle will undergo intricate polishing. This may be time consuming, consuming about 2-4 hours depending on the damages, as it is intended to wipe out any light scratches, hazing, swirl marks, oxidation and a whole lot more of surface inadequacies. It may be done manually whereas a car detailer will use his hands to intensively get rid of the unnecessary markings and damages, or mechanically with the help of special equipment that glides through the entire paintwork well.

Subsequently, the vehicle will be sealed as a form of protection. A car wax or a paint sealant may be used. To cite some few of its differences, a car wax usually lasts about no more than 60 days, with extensive care. A paint sealant usually lasts for over 6 months, still with extensive care. However, a car wax provides the show-quality finish that car detailing is aiming for.

San Francisco Bay Area Exterior Car Detailing Procedure

Interior car detailing procedure must also be executed. This is done by vacuuming all areas to get rid of dusts, remnants of food, and so on. A car detailer must intrinsically know that even the small areas should be brushed and wiped to eliminate any dirt accumulations.

The leather seats should also be wiped and polished so as to make it look shiny once again. Even the folded areas should be cleaned as these are where most dirt may be found.

Shampooing the interior will also help in thoroughly cleaning your vehicle. However, it must be carefully done as there are a lot of electrical wirings within. Wirings and any other areas with electrical parts should not be shampooed or wet as these will be damaged.

The Efficacy of Car Detailing

Car detailing is done to come up with the best possible look for your vehicle. After car detailing, simple cleaning methods must still be done to elongate the show-quality appearance. Once you have noticed that your vehicle no longer looks good, contact your trusted San Francisco Bay Area car detailing company.

Car detailing must be done every 6 months, depending on how much you use your vehicle. Make sure that you only let skilled San Francisco Bay Area car detailing experts so that you will not waste money.

For efficient San Francisco Bay Area car detailing services, check out M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail. We offer plans and packages that will surely deliver you efficiency and affordability. Call us at (510) 705-2911 for more information or you can visit our FAQs page.