Boats come with different types, sizes and uses. Some are used to have fun, others are used for work. Some work through wind, others work through water propulsion. Some are very easy to maneuver, others need professional seamanship. If you are planning to have your own boat, you have to thoroughly assess what you need it for in order for you to be able to purchase the best type of boat that matches your demands and needs.

Basically, boats are divided into three main categories and each has subcategories to thoroughly distinguish the makes, functions and designs:

Types of Boat



Mostly used for entertainment purposes, cruising boats have ample space for daytime or overnight use. These usually have bed and/or couch to make it more relaxing while enjoying the breathtaking view. There is also a space where one can enjoy sunbathing! There are different kinds of cruising boats such as the following:

Bowrider: Usually about 16 to 35 feet, it is perfect for people who are new to boating. It works through outboard engine or stern drive. Ideal for family use, it has an open bow area where extra seats are placed for more relaxing water cruising or skiing.

poontoon type of boat

Pontoon from Weeres

Pontoon: The most popular type of cruising boat, pontoon is guaranteed secured to owners and users because of the lay pen-like side rails, wide decks and gates. These are commonly used on small bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. Size is about 16 to 30 feet.

Sailboat: Bigger compared to the aforementioned cruising boats as this usually measures about 7 to 70 feet. It is commonly powered by the wind thus, the presence of huge sail. It can also be powered by an outboard or inboard engine in case the wind is not strong enough to maneuver it. Sailboats also have its own varieties that differ on hull configuration, keel type, function and size.

Trawler: Ideal for overnight use, trawler is huge enough to have its own bedroom and kitchen. It can also be used on larger bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes and ocean, as long as it is calm. It usually measures from 26-50 feet.

Cabin Cruiser:  About 24 to 75 feet that is packed with amenities such as galley, bedroom and bathroom, cabin cruisers are huge enough to comfortably accommodate 6 people. Additionally, because of its design, materials and engine configuration, it can surpass choppy waters safely. However, it requires extensive seamanship in order for it to be maneuvered appropriately.

Fishing Boats

By the name itself, fishing boats are used to catch marine animals. These are usually sleek and usually cannot be used overnight because of its size.

Bass Boats: Usually from 16 to 26 feet, it can accommodate as much as 3 people. It is also known for its low profile; therefore, it has better access on shallow water. They are also popular because of the angling bass.

Center Console: Ideal for catching ocean fish, length is usually at 18 to 48 feet, and can handle rougher offshore water. The name was derived from its design – the steering console is placed at the middle of the boat.

Type of BoatSportfishing: Perfect for large fish, this type of boat even has galley, plumbing and sleeping area, thus, can be used for longer days in water of all sorts.  Size is from 38 to 100 feet.

Aluminum: This type of boat is idyllic for fresh water fishing and usually about 8 to 24 feet. It is very lightweight, simple and durable; therefore, it is very easy to maneuver as it can fit even steep and shallow locations.

Walkarounds: The ultimate family fishing boat, so they say! These are used on large bays, great lakes and coastal waters. They are also almost similar to center console because of its full-length decks and has cabins for longer travels on water.

Watersport Boats

Lakes, rivers and sea are surely best enjoyed with breathtaking watersport boats. However, please take note that not all types of boat may be used to enjoy these. Here are some of the most popular watersport boats that can surely awake your drive and thirst towards such activities.

Fish & Ski: If you want something that may be used for fishing and skiing, this is perfect for you. It has the capability of pulling as much as 2 skiers safely and can go on a fishing spot faster compared to other types of boat. It also has a sun pad area. The entire watersport boat measures 16 to 22 feet.

Ski: Packed with powerful engine, this can drag one or more skiers. It is also slick in design and measures about 18to 28 feet.

Wakeboard: This type of watersport boat has engines placed backwards in the bow of the engine, thus, it creates larger wake that wake boarders jump on from side to side. This is also known as V-drive boat.

Type of BoatJet: About 14 to 26 feet, a jet is spacious having adequate space on the front and on the back. Because of that, it is usually compared to bowrider.

Personal Watercraft: Also called PWC, this is particularly design to people who are in love with watersports like waterskiing and tubing. Size is from 8 to 13 feet.

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