Car Detailing 101: Use a Clay Bar to Achieve a Smooth Finish

////Car Detailing 101: Use a Clay Bar to Achieve a Smooth Finish

Car Detailing 101: Use a Clay Bar to Achieve a Smooth Finish

If you want to achieve the slick finish on your vehicle’s exterior surface, using a clay bar should not be taken aside. It is a type of product that removes contaminants, such as rain acid, over spraying, pollution, and rail and brake dusts. These are deeply etched that washing alone cannot take off. Your trusted San Francisco Bay Area mobile car detailer should never forget this method to ensure that the show quality level of detail is achieved.

What are the materials needed?

Now to help you understand how M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail uses the clay bar, here’s a detailed explanation. We have mentioned on the previous article that we prefer using fine clay bar grade because of its several benefits. However, you must also understand that the chosen grade still depends on the contaminants that may be found on your vehicle. If you do not regularly hire a car detailer, we will be opting for a more abrasive grade to ensure that these contaminants are thoroughly removed.

Upon acquiring the type of clay bar that will work perfectly on your vehicle, we also need to have a paint lubricant. This is an essential product during the procedure as it will help the clay to glide smoothly on top of the paint. Failure to use a lubricant will actually leave marring and residue, therefore, affecting the appearance of the surface afterwards. Lastly, we use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the residue.

How to use a clay bar?

So when using a clay bar, it must be divided into 3 parts. Usually, especially if you ask a reputable San Francisco Bay Area mobile car detailing company to work on your vehicle’s surface regularly, 1/3 of the clay bar will go a long way, finishing all areas of your exterior.

So, like using clay your kids play with, you have to form a circle, about 1 to 1.5 cm thick. To ensure that we are not missing a spot, we initially focus on a particular area, for example the hood, and divide the area into 4-6 parts, let’s say about 10×10 inches per part. Spray a lot of paint lubricant and glide the clay bar on a back and forth motion. Always check the clay bar for all the removed contaminants. Fold and knead it several times to ensure that these will not scratch off the paint. Wipe with the microfiber towel to remove the residue. Repeat the method on the next part.

After finishing the clay bar procedure, we usually double check the surface thoroughly. One trick is by using a plastic around our hands to feel the surface. If the contaminants were all removed, it should feel smooth. If not, repeat the aforementioned procedure and take off the remnants.

Some may ask, “How long does a car wax or sealant last?” This will actually depend on how clean the surface is using a clay bar before the wax and sealant application. Remember, both products will adhere to the surface better when there are no contaminants left. It also helps extend its glossy finish.

If you want to ensure that your vehicle is well attended, check out M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail. We use high quality clay bars to ensure that your vehicle will acquire its original beauty at reasonable rates.


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