Use Paint Coating for a Glossier Finish that Lasts

////Use Paint Coating for a Glossier Finish that Lasts

Use Paint Coating for a Glossier Finish that Lasts

paint coatingAlthough most of our car detailing services use paint sealant as the final finish, we would like to discuss how paint coatings benefit a vehicle in a longer period of time. Allante Grays, M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail’s founder and a reputable car detailer with many years of experience, has given me several reasons and benefits so as to efficiently explain what it can provide to vehicle owners.

Paint coating is a type of clear resin applied on the vehicle’s surface to improve its gloss and luster, and keep it safe from probable rusting and unnecessary damages such as swirl marks and water spots, as well as UV rays. It is made of different ingredients, can be both organic and inorganic, depending on the product you are using. In fact, with the latest technology, paint coatings are even “nano-fied” wherein these can help vehicles surpass all the damages not just for months but years, eliminating the demand of frequent visit to a car detailer. M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail ensures that our clients receive the result they would like to acquire after our services, therefore, we only execute the efficient methods, as we want them to come back to us because of our unremarkable services and concerns.

The paint coating must be applied after the vehicle has undergone systematic cleaning procedures. Please make sure that you have eliminated all the accumulations as the finish will not be as smooth as you want if it was applied even with the tar, bugs and dirt still stuck on the surface. Usually, paint coating application occurs once the entire car detailing procedure has been carried out.

Now, it is a fact that paint coating products are way expensive compared to waxes and sealants. Although we highly suggest it on our clients, we also value the fact that there are some who still want to acquire a glossy finish without spending too much. So if you want to save some bucks, sealants and waxes may still work, as long as your chosen car detailer in San Francisco Bay Area knows how to do it well. Speak with us and we will be very happy to assist you towards acquiring a good level of detail for your vehicle.


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